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24 Hour Garage Door Repair Services in Brampton, ON

There are many reasons why garage doors end up needing repair work done. Sometimes the parts just become worn out and other times they become damaged. Whatever the reason is, you need to get your door repaired promptly. If you have a commercial business, then it could be suffering as a result. If you have a residential home, you’ll certainly want to regain access to your garage from the outside so that you can store your car in there and sustain the value of your property. The good news is that we can help you in this situation any day of the week.

24/7 Emergency Repair

A malfunctioning garage door cannot wait to be repaired. Even if you come home late at night and just discover that your garage door is not working properly, you need to know there is a company out there which will repair it for you right away. Getting a 24-hour emergency garage door repair in Brampton is easy with our company. Just call up at any hour and we’ll have a technician over to your property within 30 minutes.

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Opener Repair & Installation

A garage door opener repair in Brampton may be a service you’ll need very soon if you have an existing garage door opener. These mechanisms are known for breaking down all the time and you need a company like ours that will be there quickly to fix it for you. We also offer opener installation services if you don’t already have an opener for your garage door and would like one.

Spring Replacement

Broken garage door spring replacement is a service that could restore the functionality of your garage door. After all, if you were to have a broken spring in your garage door, then it would be harder to open and close the garage door. Why stress out over this when you can just replace that one small part which is causing all this trouble?

Cable Replacement

Even if you have functional springs in your garage door, they are nothing without functional cables too. Cables help wind up the springs so that when you open the door, the unwinding of the springs releases the stored energy which makes lifting it easier. Therefore, if you ever have a broken cable and need to restore this functionality, then get a garage door cable replacement from us as soon as possible.

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New Garage Doors

New garage doors in Brampton will provide style and value to your commercial or residential property. We can install new garage doors of all kinds for any type of property. During your free consultation with our technician, they will take measurements of your garage space and make a recommendation based on their findings and your door preferences.

Car & Home Door Opening – Brampton, ON


  • Open a locked house or a car
  • Open locked commercial and industrial door
  • Sliding door lock or screen door won’t open
  • Locked keys inside the garage
  • Open semi-trailers and trucks
  • Break-ins and steel door frames


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Home and Auto Door Lock Opening

Steel & Aluminum Door Repair Services

We provide fast 24/7 door repair, installation and replacement services for all residential and commercial doors, frames and locks. We deal with all sorts of doors, such as metal, steel or aluminum glass doors.

Our 24/7 emergency services:

  • Break-in repairs
  • Door frame repair
  • Door hinge repair
  • Locks, Handles, Levers
  • Door openers/closers
  • Door replacement
  • Door installation


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Doors We Service: commercial and industrial doors, front entry doors of stores and offices, sliding patio, hollow metal doors.

Steel, Metal And Aluminum Doors in Brampton

Commercial Door Repair – Brampton, ON

We provide fast same day commercial door repair services in Brampton, Ontario area. We are fully insured and give warranty on both labor and parts.

  • 24 Hour Emergency: Break-ins and burglary repairs, disasters, door opening, kicked door frames, maintenance, adjustment of pivot hinges, lock, handles and door knobs, door operators
  • Industrial Door Types: Storefront entry doors, front entrance doors, panic bar fire doors, glass doors, shutter & exit doors, commercial grade door pulls
  • Door Materials: Wood, fiberglass, aluminum, glass, metal & steel

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Commercial Entry Door Repairs

If you looking for the best affordable commercial door frame repair company in Brampton call 24hr Brampton Door & Frame Repair™ today! We provide professional door services for any aluminum glass door you might have at your store or office.

Our commercial door contractors offer an emergency break-in repair services as well as patio and screen door repairs for residential doors. Call us 24/7 for a safe & secure services in Brampton, Grahamsville, Alloa and Churchville.

Sliding Door Repair Brampton ON

Our sliding glass & patio door repair services:

  • Burglary & Break-ins
  • Can’t close or open the door
  • Heavy duty wheels/rollers
  • Rails and tracks replacement
  • Handle or lock installation
  • Mesh or screen replacement

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Sliding Patio Glass Door Repairs in Brampton

If you live in Brampton area and looking for the cheapest sliding patio glass door repair company, 24hr Brampton Door & Frame Repair™ is your best bet! We are available 24 hours a day, with dependable our screen & storm door replacement services. We also offer our services emergency break-in repairs to the residents of Grahamsville, Alloa and Churchville areas.

Home Break-in Repair Services Brampton Ontario

Our Services:

  • Door break-in repair
  • Broken / kicked in door frames
  • Broken door hinges replacement
  • Restore or install door frames
  • Door break-in protection

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Burglary & Break in repairs in Brampton

Our 24/7 door company offers affordable door break-in repair services. If your house door or your storefront commercial door frame been kicked in, we will fix it for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! We cover Brampton, Grahamsville, Alloa and Churchville, ON. Call us any time for any door repair you might have even for sliding patio or screen mesh doors!

Screen & Storm Door Repair Services in Brampton Ontario

Our services:

  • Screen wire mesh replacement
  • New screen door supply & install
  • Broken hinges, locks, handles, closers
  • Rollers, latches, door frames
  • Sliding patio balcony doors

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Mesh Screen Door Repairs

We at 24hr Brampton Door & Frame Repair™ provide fast & cheap screen mesh door repair in Brampton area including Woodhill, Mayfield and Mt Pleasant. When you need an affordable mesh door replacement services call us and we will arrive in the same day. We also provide sliding and patio door repair service such as broken rollers, wheels or tracks replacement as well as locks and handle sets.